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What is Credit Card?

A credit card is a banking product that allows the holder to make purchases on credit. the card holder can done their purchases and pay later to the bank within 30 to 45 days. Additionally, it offers Monthly EMI, Cashbacks, Discounts, And Travel Benefits too.

The Bank verifies the applicant several documents to approve the application for the credit card. A Good Credit Score And Stable Monthly Income are basically required. Additionally, The Bank needs the necessary documents of the Personal, Income, And Address to complete the process too.

The bank will set a credit limit on your credit card which you can spend anywhere. moreover, the bank will also set the timing around 45 days to pay with no fee. After that, if you can’t pay on time it will start to add interest rate to your spend amount.

Additionally, a credit card makes your spending more profitable through getting discounts offers and earning cashback. Above all, The card is a boon for emergency funds. moreover, You can change your big spend into Monthly EMI.

What is Debit Card?

A debit card is a banking product that enables your transactions cashless. moreover, it allows withdrawing cash from your bank account too. The Bank issue the card only for account holders. The individual must behold a savings or a current account in the bank To get the debit card.

Additionally, it offers higher limits of withdrawing and purchasing. Also, affordable annual charges too.

Above All, it is more suitable for saving your cash compared to Credit Card. Good for avoid debt. you do not have to pay any interest rate. additionally, no extra fee too.

When you done any purchase via debit card. The debit card will Immediately deduct funds from the bank account to pay your purchase bill. it uses the bank account’s current balance to pay the bill. Therefore, your bank account balance is your spending limit.

Let’s talk about what is the Difference Between Debit cards And Credit cards?

The Major Difference Between Debit cards And Credit cards is the Credit Limit.

on a credit card, you need a good credit score and stable monthly income to approval your credit card application by the bank. there is no connection between your credit card and your bank account. however, it has a good or negative impact directly your cibil credit score.

if you track your credit score And handle your all payments via credit card wisely. Additionally, if you pay your overdue payments in a timely. These are several methods that you can use to increase your credit limit and credit score.

on a debit card, you don’t need any credit score to get one. your current bank balance is the spending limit that you can use widely.

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