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Tops Busty

Shopping while busty can be a bit of a well, stretch. Thankfully with a few tips and tricks you can easily learn to flatter your bust by highlighting your natural waistline and creating more balance in your overall look.

tops busty


Scoop, cowl, square and v-necklines on tops and dresses are super flattering on busty babes because they optically elongate your neck and torso. For more neckline inspo, check out our helpful post A Guide To Your Most Flattering Necklines.

As mentioned above, stretch in your tops and dresses is key when you are busty. Woven pieces without any stretch may not fit over the bust area at all, even if the sizing elsewhere is correct. Clothing with spandex are naturally more fitted to the body and better highlight your natural waistline.

Choose pieces that cinch underneath the bustline to highlight the smallest part of your torso and keep your tops from looking like tents. Achieve this with tie-front, peplum, wrap, empire and fitted pieces.

AnnaMaria you are THE sweetest! Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback. Wrap tops are typically a good option for many women with bigger breasts, but certainly not all. Definitely depends on your shape and the cut and fit of the garment. Erin xo

6. Get a great collection of camisoles or demi camisoles. Cleavage has no place in an office for all women, of course, but for busty women this may mean you need to invest in some camisoles or demi camisoles.

I feel like it was one of the bras brands often mentioned as good for busty women (like Enell, Moving Comfort, Freya, etc) and that it was marketed as a yoga bra (or in the category for lower impact sports like yoga) but since it was a full figured bra it was more than just a pull over your head style.

Its universally-flattering design would also look amazing on busty petites because the classic waist tie it has is always a perfect way to cinch your waistline to perfection. It creates a visual illusion of a smaller waist which also helps in extending your upper body upwards.

Wearing a V-neck efficiently constructs a vertical line that makes your neck longer and your shoulders sharper. Just note that ideally, V-neck tops that are not too deep work much better in enhancing the appearance of your bust so be mindful of how deep your V-neck goes.

Sweetheart neckline tops usually have a fitted bodice that works perfectly on petite women with large busts. Such a style hugs the waist nicely to give depth to the upper body and this will bring the impression of a longer and slimmer body frame.

Boxy tops will naturally skim through your bust line and so they will follow the big space it takes. This will make your shoulder line, arms, and waistline disappear causing you to look shorter and wider.

Just like what we have already mentioned numerous times, the goal of perfectly styling a busty petite is to stick to tops that enhance your natural shape. If you resort to exaggerated fabrics such as ruffles, cascading fabrics, or dramatic pleats, this will obviously take so much space on your upper body and therefore make you lose your shape.

One of the most common complaints of girls with big breasts is that shirts are not spacious enough in the front. Therefore, many busty girls tend to purchase shirts one size bigger than the normal size, in order not to feel restricted in the chest area.

How To Style Tops For Busty Women. Having large breasts is nothing to be ashamed of. However, sometimes, finding something that looks flattering on you is difficult. Furthermore, the clothing industry does not readily accept busty girls.

Kimono peplum tops are according to your fitting and loose at the same time, and this paradoxical design of theirs gives you that flawless fit. Pair them with denim Jamaican or cut-off shorts to have an all in all exclusively hot look.

This checkered buttoned-down shirt matches a casual wear day perfectly for a busty woman covering and handling your big bust flawlessly. You can pair it with straight or skinny jeans, whatever makes you feel more comfortable and suitable.

This hippie boho-style top is a very good choice for for a chill day out when going to the beach. You can pair it with a hat and denim shorts for the perfect beach-style casual look. This is a very comfortable and confident look for all you busty women out there.

How hot does this sleeveless turtleneck look? This type of top is ideal for busty women; it is secure, there is no danger of any buttons popping out or a nip slip. You can wear such a blouse to any place you want; whether it is university, work, or a date out with beau. It would suit for all occasions.

One of the most common and classy looking tops that I came across during my research were wrap tops. You can get them for any size and then adjust them accordingly. You have the entire control of how you want your bust to look.

Cowl Neck tops are the best. The loosely draped fabric over the collarbones and shows off your neckline. However, make sure that if you are buying one similar to the one in the picture, check the straps. Too thin straps are a risk and no one wants a wardrobe malfunction when you are around people.

Just because you have a big bust does not mean you cannot wear crop tops. While you are looking for such tops, it would be best if you choose one made from smock material. It would give you the ideal stretchability.

Peplum tops, A-lined flared tops, and sleeveless round neck blouse tops are the best when opting for clothes for big busts. However, you need to wear shirts that you feel comfortable in; so if you feel like wearing a crop top, do it.

All the high-waisted madness happening in the world of fashion leaves one wondering what to wear with these great jeans and pencil skirts. Crop tops is ideally the best pair up with fashionable bottoms. And if you have the perfect figure and want to flaunt it why not opt for a crop top.

This year crop tops have taken the world by storm, especially our Bollywood celebrities who are displaying various ways in putting the style together. From fashionista Sonam Kapoor, the edgy actress Ileana to the even the big bosom ones in Hollywood. Crop tops have become a style statement in India which is why we have put together some of the perfect ways for you to style this tummy show attire.

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