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Hometown (Slowed Sad Part) 1 HOUR REPACK

We need to make a choice: more jobs and more housing, or cap jobs and maintain Mountain View as we have known it. Personally, I think some high rise apartments are in order that can have all the amazing amenities the techies can afford, and by increasing supply, leave some of our more standard apartments affordable.Also: Rent control please.I want to live in a diverse community that doesn't push out lower and middle class people. The people cleaning our floors, and even running local businesses shouldn't have to commute an hour to get here. What kind of world do we want to live in?

Hometown (Slowed Sad part) 1 HOUR

I find the "I have mine, screw you.." attitude shared by many to be sickening. I was born and raised here. I am fortunate to have bought a home here almost 20 years ago, when it was more affordable. It is sad to see what my hometown has become. Mom and pop businesses closing and skyrocketing rents driving out many who are a valuable part of the fabric of the community.

@m2grs,You want more offices because it will increase the value of already ridiculously expensive houses.The latest developer-built house for sale on Martens is a record $2.58 million. No, we're not talking about a mansion in Los Altos Hills on a couple acres with horses and sweeping views of the hills and bay, This is a house in the suburbs on a busy street, 1/4 acre corner lot, small backyard. There's a very narrow slice of the population that can afford that house, and that slice does not include any of my friends or family. Is it a good thing that our children can never afford to buy a house in their hometown? Is that really the kind of town you want Mountain View to become, where the working poor share a small apartment on Latham, and the mega-rich live in their single-family homes that they barely spend any time in because they're always at work? And the middle and even upper-middle income folks have can't save for retirement because all their money goes to rent? That's not the kind of diverse, vibrant, caring, balanced community that I want, that's not the big city with the small-town charm that Mountain View once was. 041b061a72

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