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Places That Buy Used Instruments Near Me

The model is very similar to GameStop buying back used games. It makes sense that these businesses want to offer you as little as possible for your equipment in order to make some money but it is not in your best interest.

places that buy used instruments near me

Actually GuitarCenter only pays you 50% of what they sell that item for used online and they will give you 60% of what they sell it for used online if your going to buy something right then and there from them.

Guitars shows are another avenue. Although there are a number of people who feel that everyone there is just out for a super deal, I have been offered fair prices on some instruments that I have taken to them. Again, having a good understanding of what you have is a big part of the battle.

The end result was that the claim I filed benefitted my buyer buy paying the total value I had placed on the item upon shipping plus the complete packing and shipping costs. He ended up MAKING $300 from buying my synth and I made an equal profit by adding that amount to my declared value over its used value just in case!

The shippers insurance company took their sweet with all facets of their part of the claim but eventually concluded that they were going to pay the full amount of the claim AND the shipping company had a guarantee policy of refunding the total packing and shipping cost when the customer had THEM pack the item to be shipped and damage was caused in transit!

The Brass Exchange is a trusted resource where you can buy, sell & trade used trombones and other brass instruments. We stock S.E. Shires trombones, new and pre-owned and are happy to custom fit you with the optimal instrument.

Trombones at The Brass Exchange is our focus. We are a trusted resource where you can shop for trombones, new models, vintage, pre-owned, and used. We accept trade-in's of used instruments. We can help you upgrade or to simply add another great instrument to your line-up. If there is a certain type of instrument you are looking for like Bach, Conn, King, Edwards, Shires, Greenhoe, Herb Bruce Custom, we can help you. We also stock trombone cases from Marco Magi, Cronkhite, Torpedo, and other small accessories, mutes, stands, and lubricants.

The Brass Exchange is your trusted resource where you can buy, sell & trade used trombones and other brass instruments. We stock S.E. Shires trombones, new and pre-owned and are happy to custom fit you with the optimal instrument. Other accessories like cases, gig bags, mutes, metronomes, tuners, mouthpieces, instrument stands, and lubricants can be found under the Shop tab. We do our best to ship your orders quickly and at the lowest cost. If you are looking for an instrument and would like to trade-in one or more that you currently own, call us today and we will guide you through the process. We ship used trombones worldwide, please contact us by phone or email for international shipping quotes, or any other questions you may have. Thanks for visiting our website. We hope that your experience here is positive.

Over the last several years Doug Bert and the Brass Exchange have provided an indispensable service to my teaching studio. I honestly cannot recall how many of my students have benefited from the fact that there is a world class trombone emporium right in the middle of St. Louis. Most of them have found their dream horn after having tried them along side numerous other choices. Doug vets each horn and honestly describes each one as he is himself an exceptional player. Doug's drive to especially help younger players is fueled by his own children who them selves are amazing young artists. There is no better resource for a trombone, whether new or lovingly used.

We are a professional establishment that buys, sells and loans on top quality merchandise, while always putting customer needs first. If you are coming to Pawn1st shops to sell or get a loan on musical instruments, you have chosen the best possible option since we consistently pay out more money than anyone in the area. We have experts on staff who have undergone extensive training in the valuation of musical instruments such as pre-owned guitars.

If you are planning a visit to one of our Pawn1st stores to pawn or sell your pre-owned musical instruments, you need not worry because it is a very simple process. Simply bring the instrument in with you, and we will be happy to examine it and make you an offer. In most cases, it takes only a few minutes for our experts to evaluate your pieces and make you an offer. Don't forget to bring any cases or accessories in with you, sometimes it turns out these accessories are more valuable than the instrument itself. For example, if you have a guitar case, clarinet case, cello case, or any special tuning equipment for the instrument we will generally be glad to make you an offer on that as well. We are also happy to provide loans for or purchase items like guitar amplifiers.

In the United States, the most known and popular online selling platforms for used music instruments, are Reverb, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook (not in a particular order). They all have pros and cons but should serve you with enough viable options for you to sell a second-hand band instrument.Reverb.comWay more recent than the rest of the alternatives, this is the most music-specific marketplace you will find to sell your instruments online. Furthermore, it sells all across the United States.

Reverb targets a music audience niche and among the various alternatives presented might be the one to go for if you are willing to sell the instrument to someone with some music knowledge and experience.AdvantagesMarketplace targeting exclusively musiciansFree listing and low fees when sellingBuyer protection and secure platformDisadvantagesRelatively recent platformShipping rates and options vary by sellereBayOne of the oldest resellers online platforms and an innovator by that time, has always been a reputable and secure place to sell used musical instruments.Still costs money to list a product to sell, but does open a large market of possible buyers worldwide. If in doubt, follow their useful complete guide full of suggestions and tips to sell your products.

DisadvantagesRisk of scammers as it involves selling the product face to faceLimited audience to your regional areaFacebookWhether through Facebook Groups or their Facebook Marketplace, this social media platform also serves as a selling online platform for your used band instruments.Considering that the vast majority of users have a Facebook account and are used to how it works, listing your instrument to be sold should be easy whether through local or niche groups or through the Facebook Marketplace itself.Advantages

DisadvantagesNo intermediary protection for your direct sellStill a similar option to CraiglistSelling at Nearby Musical Instrument ShopsBefore the emergence and growing popularity of online marketplaces, whether directed specifically to musicians or more general platforms like eBay, music shops were the place to go when you were willing to sell an instrument.Over time, the trend has been shifting to online stores but those physical stores are still in demand and serve as a good alternative as well.That might be a better and easy option for you to sell your used instruments, especially if you have a musical store nearby. But do not forget to do some market research, choose wisely, visit a few instrument stores, make a deal and get a fair amount for your instrument.Some of the most known music stores where you can sell your instruments are:Music Go RoundSam AshThe Music ZooEtsy What to Sell? #ShortPlease enable JavaScript

Another route for your used band instrument could be in the form of donating it either to music schools or foundations that accept it and give the best destiny to them. If you chose this option, note that you can qualify for a tax deduction. If you donate, make sure to ask for a receipt to prove it.Keep the InstrumentDepending on how sentimental is that instrument for you, perhaps keeping it can have more added value than selling it. Consider the pros and cons if you make this decision. One way or another, you should still repair and clean it, even if you are not going to sell the instrument.

Turn that forgotten relic in your attic into CASH! We Buy, sell, and trade used and vintage musical instruments. The best way to sell your gear is to stop into our Randolph, NJ store. You can submit an online evaluation form for us to pre-screen you gear anytime or give us a call during our regular store hours. We are always looking for gear across all departments so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Most pawn shops will offer you a decent price for your gently used instrument. In general, they will offer 40-60% of the value. Taking it to a certified appraiser, such as a music shop or music store, is a great resource to determine a fair price that the musical instrument is worth, netting you the best price from pawn shops.

Another great tip is to present any accessories you may have, strings, cases, etc. This can help you get the best value for music gear that you may want to liquidate. Selling your musical instruments with original paperwork, cases, and even music books can bring you a great price.

Generally, most pawn shops have a website that you can look at in advance to see if they have the instrument you are interested in and any gear that you may need to facilitate that new adventure. Online shops have quality photos and descriptions of the things they sell. Plus, the fair price they offer can be easy on the budget, especially if you are a beginner into playing musical instruments. 041b061a72

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