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Hello! I have a small question. I have downloaded the iOS version and I could not upload files from other apps. For example I want to upload a pdf book from Documents (by Readdle) this is impossible because Mediafire is not listed in the sharr menu. Is there any way that allows me to upload file from other apps to Mediafire? Thank you in advance!

Download 70k rar


Even though Google Drive may not scan large files for any vulnerability, Chrome Browser will check the downloaded file for any malicious codes. Chrome has a built-in Safe Browsing feature that protects you from bad downloads. The feature provides faster, proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions.

This is the most efficient solution to make sure the downloaded file is vulnerable-free. You can use the Windows default Microsoft Security to scan the downloaded file. For macOS, you can download any free 3rd party Anti-Virus App like avast or Kaspersky to check if the file is safe or not. 041b061a72

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