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Animated Passenger 1.45 Extra Quality

- This mod adds passengers to cars at various ETS2 companies, ATS and on maps:EAA, EBR, Rotas Brasil, Eldorado, Reforma(ATS), Bahia, Sul-Paraná, RC Brasil, Brasilzão, Ceibo, Grand Utopia and Promods

Animated Passenger 1.45

- Compatible with the version 1.39x - 1.43x* This mod is an adaptation of a trailer, there may be some bugs* If the passanger do not appear, advance the time, (sleep, f7 + enter or quick travel). They will be available in quick jobs and in the freight market* Some cars may have problems due to the position of the hook.* The weight of cargo is 1 ton* If a trailer appears in the same place as the passengers, use camera 0 + ctrl F9 or F7+enter for workshop* Mod tested and working in multiplayer, make sure everyone on the convoy is using the same mod version (Steam workshop version is different from sharemods version)

Brooks at DragTimes had occasion to drive the Nevera at California's famous Famoso drag strip, and the session didn't disappoint. The 23-minute video above chronicles his adventures; you can jump to the 16-minute mark if you want to see just the quarter-mile passes, but the build-up is worth watching as well. He's given a thorough walkthrough on the Nevera as well as some seat time from the passenger side for a few drift sessions. He then switches to the driver's seat to get a feel for the 1,914-horsepower (1,427-kilowatt) electric hypercar. Suffice it to say, he's impressed.

That's not why you clicked this article. You want to see Nevera blow up a drag strip, and it sets an official production car record in grand fashion. All three passes on the video are done on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires and actually, the first pass didn't even include a burnout. With cold tires, the Nevera ripped an 8.74 at 165.5 mph and Brooks' reaction to the pass was ... animated. The second pass added a burnout and it definitely helped with grip off the line as the car improved to 8.61 at 167 mph. Arguably more impressive was the 60-foot time of 1.45 seconds; an astounding number for street tires.

can you please add animated walking passengers that are boarding or unboarding the plane. that would be so great. And also can you please make the autogate a bit more accurate to fit the door better. thanks

Five-passenger seating is standard, with the 60/40-split second row featuring the capability to fold flat with the cargo floor, for a virtually seamless transition with the seatbacks and a minimal gap between them. Slotting in between the smaller Encore and Encore GX and the larger Enclave, the Envision has 52.7 cubic feet6 of cargo space behind the first-row seats and 25.2 cubic feet6 behind the second-row seats. 041b061a72

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