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Norma DIN 5461 PDF 28: The German Standard for Parallel Keys and Keyways

the daughters of norma burgess & pollione spina, gioia and giovanna, are the product of their mother's affair. born soon after pollione and norma were married, gioia & giovanna are only children. both daughters are much the same physically. they share the same hair color and similar facial features, but they are opposites in personality. gioia is a sweet, kind girl, while giovanna is a tomboy with a short temper.

norma din 5461 pdf 28

norma burgess and pollione spina were married in september of 1936 in a small ceremony at their home in palisades park. there were only four other guests at the wedding. pollione and norma were living apart at the time, though the palisades park address was listed on pollies divorce papers. a month later, norma and pollione's divorce was finalized.

norma's mother died when she was only 16 years old. her father, giambattista spina, was an italian immigrant who earned a living as a sanitation worker. norma grew up in the tough neighborhood of palisades park. her father was never around much, and it wasn't until norma was in high school that she learned about her brothers death.

norma began attending lipscomb university in the fall of 1937, majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. she was still a junior when she met pollione spina, a young artist who was studying advertising and mass communication. pollone and norma were engaged in the spring of 1938 and married in september of that year. they moved into a small apartment in the edmondson village neighborhood of nashville.

the first of norma and pollones children was born in january of 1939. they named their daughter gioia. norma and pollone moved into a new apartment in october of 1939. they named their daughter giovanna.

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